SPACE Lab Discussion, 05-03-2023

SPACE Lab [co-creative art astronomy experiments],
APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, London SE8 4SA. 16th Feb - 5th March 2023.
Co-curated by Ulrike Kuchner and Nicola Rae.

Funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and Lewisham Creative Change.


John Wood, Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths University, was invited to chair the SPACE Lab discussion event. He suggested some questions for us all to consider and collectively come to an answer.
 - Are art and sciences paradigms in themselves?
 - Are there similarities in the way that artists and scientists are creative?
 - Are there such important differences that we cannot even bridge the gap?
While considering these questions the interests of the discussion participants were followed.



Discussion developed about the Biorborgs collaboration between Anshuman Gupta and Amaury Triaud (below). It will take 1300 years to send seeds to an exoplanet. By transporting plants from our planet to another planet, are we repeating the same mistakes? Colonising it in both a biological and a social sense?



A debate followed about the relationship not only between science and technology but also design. Science could be seen as the art of observation, a process of finding what is real or true - connecting the theory with what is observed, finding the better version of what is true and real. Maybe scientists do not claim enough, like James Lovelock (a hero of John's) who designed gadgets that discovered new data.

One participant said that we need to talk to each other clearly but no one says how? Scientists are trained, clear and know what they are talking about. Artists are different and a bit more open to borowing from other areas, less streamlined. During further debate it was noted that transdisciplinary projects are needed to develop communication and collaboration.



All filming by Paul Malone.