Metafuturism Lab Workshop at SPACE Lab, 2023

Funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and Lewisham Creative Change.


Metafuturism Lab workshop led by Mona Nasser with Demelza Woodbridge and CHAMELEON

The astronomers and artists of the interdisciplinary Metafuturism Lab create immersive workshops during which the participants imagine their future lives on existing exoplanetary systems. The participants co-create and act out speculative future scenarios as science fiction narratives, ideas and methods based on scientific and societal challenges. The workshops thrive when people of different ages, backgrounds and life experiences join. The story evolves with new alternative pathways with every workshop. It is led by researcher Mona Nasser with support from exoplanet researchers CHAMELEON that act as realĀ­time scientific consultants to the children (joining remotely from their "space ship" for discussions and answering questions).




For SPACE Lab they collaborated with performative artist Demelza Woodbridge to create an Exoplanetary Fashion Show with local young participants.





Film stills from the Exoplanetary Fashion Show Catwalk (below).









All photography and film stills by Nicola Rae.